DADSRA Innovative Solutions has an integrated, community-driven recovery initiative that provides a structured response to communities affected by disaster. This system has been developed to include practitioners who are instrumental in the implementation of “best practices.” These practitioners have experience in organizing purposeful interventions. They will forge partnerships with the residents and organizations within affected communities to develop a customized response “3 Tier” approach that builds on local strengths and maximizes recovery resources.

This model encompasses the core services that DADSRA Innovative Solutions, LLC provides:


  • HR / Administrative Services

    DADSRA Innovative Solutions offers a complete, flexible, and integrated human resources management system that provides timely customer service-based administrative policy and procedures as well as the advice, service, training and support needed to manage employees and external customers. During disaster response and recovery operations, we work to ensure personnel staffing needs are met, while working to make sure the logistical needs and facility operations are managed.

  • Social Work / Case Management

    DADSRA Innovative Solutions provides services to assess the needs of the client and the client’s family, when appropriate, and arranges, coordinates, monitors, evaluates, and advocates for a package of multiple services to meet the specific client’s complex needs. Our model addresses both the individual client’s bio psychosocial status as well as the state of the social system in which case management operates, where intervention occurs at both the client and system levels. It requires the social worker to develop and maintain a therapeutic relationship with the client, which may include linking the client with systems that provide him or her with needed services, resources, and opportunities.

  • Public /Community Health

    DADSRA Innovative Solutions conducts in-depth family and cultural community assessments; plans, develops, and implements public health/community programs; conducts public/community health program monitoring evaluations to determine specific health issues that would need to be addressed.  As a company, we also organize community groups and volunteers to address health and community disparities within different ethnic groups.

  • Mental Health Services

    DADSRA Innovative Solutions provides services to ensure that first responders and disaster workers’ mental, social, and emotional functioning are stabilized to perform emergency response duties before, during, and after a catastrophe.

    The objectives are as follows:

    • Assess the mental health and well-being of the first responders.
    • Assess the disaster recovery workers to determine if they are “fit” for duty
    • Assess the disaster recovery workers to monitor well-being.
  • Community Revitalization / Collaborative

    Community Revitalization Collaborative is the cornerstone to recovery after all catastrophic events. DADSRA addresses this phase of recovery with an innovative approach which covers the individual, families, and community.

  • Grant / Procurement Services

    This service is to aid communities in identifying grants sources which may be federal, state, local and private.

  • Multi-Level Re-Employment Staffing

    This service provides the man-power, which is needed during these catastrophic situations. It employs the labor of the early responders and case-workers. Additionally, it employs construction workers-who are charged with rebuilding these devastated communities.