Questions and Answers

Who is DADSRA?

DADSRA is a for profit emergency management disaster relief organization, designed to provide support and stability to communities before, during, and after a man-made or natural disaster.

What does D.A.D.S.R.A. stand for?
Demonstrating the Ability to Deploy, Serve, Restore, and Aid.

Why is it important to do business with DADSRA?

DADSRA’s primary function is to aid people before, during, and after catastrophic occurrences. Our focus is on complete and total recovery no matter what it takes, no matter how long it takes.

Does our Missions and Vision Statement align?

Absolutely!  Our mission is to aid, develop, and implement a comprehensive approach to disaster recovery, by facilitating an integrated system that effectively and efficiently addresses the issues of human serviceshousing, infrastructure, community, and economic development.

Our Vision is to enhance the local jurisdiction’s ability to plan, prepare, respond, and recover from any disaster. We will provide direct or indirect assistance to affected areas to assist and empower their recovery.

What differentiates DADSRA from FEMA, RED CROSS, Catholic Charities or any other first responder agencies?
FEMA, RED CROSS, Catholic Charities and other first responder agencies work well in the communities and, essentially, they provide the very basic relief: food, shelter, and medical attention. DADSRA’s role is to be the guiding force behind complete recovery, by providing training to prepare for mental and social traumas associated with most catastrophic phenomena. Additionally, we collaborate with other “first responders” agencies, to identify and obtain resources available to victims and their families.

What are our strengths?
Our strengths are:

  • The ability to mobilize at any point and provide the necessary assistance needed to internally train and restore any community, globally
  • Our overall approach to DADSRA
  • Demonstrating the Ability to: Deploy, Serve, Restore, and Aid, Long-term.
  • Providing a diverse experience in professional services in the areas of: employment staffing, social services, mental health, business management, media and communications, public health policy, substance abuse and legal consultation, along with government, labor and personnel management

Who do we serve?
We serve the citizens of the world. We believe that no one should be ignored, under-served or forgotten before, during, or after any level catastrophe.

What services do we offer?
Stress assessments, behavioral HR screenings, Mental Health Services, Training the Trainer workshops, Community Outreach Case Management Services, Contact Development, Community Revitalization, Project Management and First Responders assessments and evaluation services.

Why is it important for us to be a For Profit organization?
Being a, “for profit “organization gives us the flexibility to target our resources in the areas they are needed without restrictions.

Who are our competitors?
We may have some agencies and organizations with similar looks, but our delivery methods and commitment to the communities separate us from the rest.

What differentiates us from our competitors?
What differentiates us from our competitors is our view and approach on demonstrating different variables on deploying, servicing, restoring, and revitalizing communities during catastrophic situations.

Why is it important to be an organization like DADSRA?
It is important to be an organization like DADSRA because an organization like DADSRA is needed to compensate when other agencies lack the vision, resources, or the capacity to facilitate the total recovery of families and communities.

Why should we be trusted?
We value people more than profit.

What are our clients saying about our services?
Our clients have shown great interest in our services primarily due to the fact that we offer such a broad scope of services that cross boundaries of the generic disaster service operations.

Who are our partners?
We work hard to maintain good relationships with all communities and first responders. Currently, we are developing and nurturing relationships with faith-based organizations, local and federal agencies, and anyone willing to roll up their sleeves and offer help and support to our citizens.

Why choose DADSRA?
DADSRA has a unique way of assessing disastrous events. We have designed a model that we feel will revolutionize recovery and empower communities way beyond what has become the norm.