President’s Letter

DADSRA Innovative Solutions, LLC was founded through a collaborative effort of multi-disciplinary professionals. Our experience in business and the provision of health services span over 100 years. Our areas of expertise include Employment Staffing, Provision of  Social and Mental Health Services, Project Management, Substance Abuse Services, Grant Writing, Funds Allocation and Management, First Responder Training, Community Revitalizations Project Management, Social  Workers/Case Managers Training, and Legal Consultation. Our company’s dynamic Emergency Disaster Response system is superior in every aspect. These services will support clients with tailored professional abilities. We  pride our work on strict adherence to quality and accountability.

As we move forward to aid those in need, we embrace the totality of this vision — the duality of providing excellent customer service while maintaining keen customer awareness. We understand that rebuilding families and communities require far more than offering warm blankets and a hot cup of coffee. We must create long-term strategies and solutions to assist in the total recovery of families and communities who are impacted by catastrophic occurrences. We will aggressively introduce new methods and procedures to expand our customer and partner base; however, we will never lose sight of our responsibility to our loyal citizens, especially those in
disaster stricken situations. At the forefront of our mission is to provide unwavering support for the greater-good of communities and citizens alike.

Steve DeVoe

DADSRA Innovative Solutions, LLC